About us

It’s true. At Novi Sad Excursions, changing people’s lives isn’t just a mantra, it’s the very core of our company culture, the essence of who we are, and the driving force behind everything we do. The way we see it, change is the key to innovation, and people are the key to change. From our CEOs (Chief Experience Officers), Novi Sad Excursions staff, partners and travellers we interact with every day, our goal is to ensure an authentic and unforgettable life-changing experience for everyone.

After all, if you’re not changing, you’re not growing. And isn’t that what life is all about? Our passion for travel is rivaled only by our commitment to those we serve. From helping our travellers choose the perfect trip, to providing them with the most authentic life-changing adventure possible, we go out of our way to ensure a travel experience unlike anything they’ve ever imagined by continually striving to exceed expectations – both theirs and ours – we’re better able to connect with our travellers and change the way they see the world. While most companies are busy thinking outside the box, we learned that sometimes it’s best to just get rid of the box altogether.

That’s why we encourage our staff – and our travellers – to embrace the bizarre, step off the beaten path and boldly embark down the road less traveled. It’s the reason our company culture celebrates individuality, champions diversity and inspires fearless innovation.