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On our guaranteed daily tours you will learn something new, have fun and create new memories, all you have to do is choose a day! Take a look at the itinerary and sign up for the tour that you would like to attend!

The program:

Group meeting and departure from Novi Sad at 09:00 am in front of locomotive, next to the train station. A 15-minute journey to the first destination.

We first visit the Petrovaradin Fortress, the symbol of Novi Sad, which is often called Gibraltar on the Danube due to its inaccessible and hard walls. One of the largest fortresses on the Danube, because of the surface as well as the underground military tunnels, where many conquerors hid throughout history. The view from the top of the fortress, it seems, as if the Danube flows under your feet, while the colors of the nearby Novi Sad settlements flow into the beautiful panorama of the city. The first association of Novi Sad is usually the "Drunken clock", which was a gift to the city by the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa. Why the clock is drunk you will discover during the tour. The fortress is also known as the location of one of the major European music festivals EXIT, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Arrival and visit to The Church of Our Lady of Snows at Tekije, which represents the largest Marian church in Serbia. Throughout history and the migration of peoples, the church itself has changed its purpose (first it was the Christian church, then a mosque with minarets and today it is a Roman Catholic church).

Around 12:30 pm arrival in Sremski Karlovci, the center of Serbian education, culture and spirituality in the period of the Great Migration of Serbs until the beginning of the XX century. Visit to the most important cultural and historical sights (Chapel of Peace, St. Nicholas Cathedral, The Karlovci Gymnasium, Orthodox Seminary, Fountain Four Lions). Tour of the winery. Lunch at the restaurant "Dunav". Visit to the Patriarchate. Tasting of Karlovci kuglof.

After Sremski Karlovci, we depart to the monastery Krušedol, one of the 16 Fruska Gora monasteries, surrounded by a park and chestnut trees. The temple is surrounded on all four sides by lodgings and the interior of the courtyard is decorated with a multitude of colorful flowers and archaic details. The monastery is an endowment of Branković and its construction lasted 50 years. The monastery is also as a mausoleum – apart from the relics of St. Branković, there are also the relics of Patriarch Arsenij III Charnojevic, Princess Ljubica Obrenovic, King Milan Obrenovic and many others.
Departure for Novi Sad is scheduled at around 5:30 pm.

Tours are in Serbian and English languages.