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On our guaranteed daily tours you will learn something new, have fun and create new memories, all you have to do is choose a day! Take a look at the itinerary and sign up for the tour that you would like to attend!

The program:

Group meeting and departure from Novi Sad at 09:00 am in front of locomotive, next to the train station. A half an hour journey to the first destination.

Arrival around 9:30 am and visit the monastery Rakovac. This nunnery lying under Fruska Gora mountain originates from the 15th century. The monastery of Rakovac with its church is dedicated to the Holy Healers Cosma and Damian. Throughout history, it has undergone many changes, as evidenced by the architecture of the monastery. In the first decades of the 18th century, there was a very active transcription center in the monastery, where Dušan's Code was transcribed. Not far from the monastery, there is a hidden gem of this area, the Beli Majdan cave, where we will walk to. You will have the opportunity to see the place from where the material for the construction of the Rakovac monastery was used, as well as the imposing interior of the cave. The path to the cave is of medium intensity.

Around 11 am arrival and visit the monastery Ravanica, in the village Vrdnik, another representative of the Fruška Gora monasteries. It is believed that the monastery was built during the 15th century, but no one maintained it until it was inhabited by monks during the Great Migration of Serbs. The monastery Ravanica and its church is dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord. The monks brought with them the relics of Prince Lazar, which were kept there until 1942. After that, walk to the historical site Vrdnička kula, where a tour of the site is planned. It was first mentioned in historical sources in 1315 and is a cultural monument of great importance. You will have the opportunity to see the Donžon Tower, which during the research of archaeologists, was determined to have been used for observation of Sirmium, one of the four Roman capitals. Visit to the hotel "Fruške terme", a newly opened hotel complex with 9 thermal pools, where there is organised a lunch break and free time for the use of the pool until 5 pm. Group meeting at 5:30 pm and return to Novi Sad. Arrival in Novi Sad around 6:15 pm.

Tours are in Serbian and English languages.