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Every Thursday we are taking you to the village "At the end of the world"! Check our offer



On our guaranteed daily tours you will learn something new, have fun and create new memories, all you have to do is choose a day! Take a look at the itinerary and sign up for the tour that you would like to attend!

The program:

Group meeting and departure from Novi Sad at 09:00 am in front of locomotive, next to the train station. A half an hour journey to Kovilj, a picturesque village in the South Bačka District.


Arrival in Kovilj, a village on the Danube in Bačka District, around 9:30am. Kovilj is the birthplace of the famous Serbian romantic poet and bohemian Laza Kostić. Kovilj monastery is located nearby, a well-known shrine that has been a monument under state protection since 1949. The monastery is dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and according to the legend, the monastery was founded by Saint Sava in 1220. Here you can buy homemade mulberry brandy for which the monastery is well-known, as well as other monastery products (honey, ajvar, cheese, wine ...). Departure for Arkanj.


Departure to Arkanj, where a two-hours boating along the Danube in Kovilj marsh is planned. You can paddle independently, and observe the unreal beauties of the backwater. During the ride, you may see the various species of endemic birds inhabiting the area. Lunch in Arkanj is planned at cca 1:30 pm. Around 3:00 pm we visit the winery "Do kraja sveta“ ("Until the end of the world"). The winery is decorated in the ethno style of Vojvodina, where the atmosphere will be enriched by a tour of the winery and wine tasting.

Tours are in Serbian and English languages.