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Every Wednesday we are taking you to the capital of secession and to the largest lake in Serbia! Check our offer



On our guaranteed daily tours you will learn something new, have fun and create new memories, all you have to do is choose a day! Take a look at the itinerary and sign up for the tour that you would like to attend!

The program:

Group meeting and departure from Novi Sad at 09:00 am in front of locomotive, next to the train station. An hour and a half journey to the first destination.


A city located in the very north of Serbia. Outstanding cultural heritage, richly decorated buildings, multicultural spirit and European charm are the features that make this city stand out. It is the city with the largest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in Serbia. Subotica was the largest city in Vojvodina until half a century ago.

Upon arrival in Subotica, you will get acquainted with the beauties of the city accompanied by a tour guide. The tour will include a visit to the City Hall (built in Art Nouveau by famous Budapest architects), fountain (which along with the City Hall, makes the symbol of Subotica and is the main meeting place for both people and pigeons), Liberty Square, Synagogue (a building that was built in 1902 in Art Nouveau style and represents a cultural monument of great importance) and National Theater, which with its 6 Corinthian pillars is reminiscent of a Greek temple. It was built in the XIX century and is the second oldest theater in Serbia. Each of these sights will leave a multitude of impressions because of the cultural differences and architectural styles of the city itself.


After the tour of the city center of Subotica, the plan is to go to the "Jelen" farm, where a lunch break is scheduled for around 1:00 pm. After lunch we will go to the Palić Lake, a famous tourist gem located about 8 kilometers away from Subotica. The shore of the lake is about 17 km long and is suitable for walking along its entire length. You will have the time for a leisurely walk. The first written documents about the lake date back to the 15th century, and even then it was a well-known oasis for rest and relaxation. The tour of Palić also includes a visit to the winery "Zvonko Bogdan", where we will have a tour of the winery and taste three types of wines. After visiting the winery, return to Novi Sad around 6:00 pm.

Tours are in Serbian and English languages.